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About Us

Challenge the Problem

Challenge the problem – It all started in 2009 while the founder of JMD Classes was pursuing his higher study at University of Alberta. He, as a hobby, started teaching students of different levels and backgrounds. He came across two major problems generally the students experience while studying.

The one is lack of confidence.

This problem arises when students attempt problems without having proper clear concept. They try to attempt the problems by looking into similarity of similar problems they had done in the past.

Those students who hold this type of approach, a slightly twisted question asked in the exam, create major challenge for them. Only those with clear concept will stay ahead of the crowd.

The second problem they met out is time management. They always struggle with some of these issues:

  • What subject and within that subject what area to focus to optimize the result.
  • In case of studying Multiple subjects, how to plan their study to get maximum out of it.
  • Managing the temperament while solving the question in the examination hall.

So our attempt is to address these issues and any other issues they are facing while learning. We are a group of educational enthusiasts who enjoy teaching and passing on the passion we have for our courses to our students. We hire only the best. We hand pick students who are at the top in their classes, and who enjoy and excel at the subjects they have chosen to be tutored. Our teachers are Closely Monitored for Performance, Accuracy and Trustworthiness. Our conceptually designed Practice Problems help students enhance confidence through Concept Development. We provide sessions to help prepare for exams and learn the basics of difficult Courses to set you off on the right track.

At JMD classes we tend to provide the best services at the most Affordable Price.