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Welcome to JMD Classes

Welcome to JMD Classes

We, a group of professionals impart you a rich treasure of knowledge and experience to cater up your educational requirements. We believe, Teaching is an Art. Even the great scholars may not have mastery over this art. Our whole teaching philosophy revolves round developing this art to transfer knowledge. We carefully listen and understand the problems, the students generally face while learning. We further do our own analysis to address their problems. Our studentsí connectivity with us and the learning process is just not limited to the classroom hours. We use several tools so that they can learn and practice at home.

Spoon - Feeding teaching technique is dangerous as it dampens the mental growth of the students. It might work for short-term gain on easy problems but it never gives confidence to the students while solving difficult problems. Difficult problems require Conceptual Clarity. Our major focus while teaching has always been towards clear concept. Concept development with practice is the key to success. This method of teaching helps students develop interest in their respective subjects.

JMD Classes conducts tests as well. This provide students and extra boost to their preparation. Through Test, we help them to prepare their mind to handle examination temperament and trauma as well. Only knowledge is not sufficient to get good marks in the exam.

Remember, Examination is a battleground where every student is a fighting soldier. They might have gathered Subject-Matter knowledge which acts like weapons for them in this battleground. You can imagine the condition of a soldier who has all these weapons but they know not exactly how to use them. In our Test, we teach our students how to use knowledge as their weapons.

So, Donít wait Join us Today and Take a Leap into your Future.